Critical Incident Stress Debriefings

A critical incident is any unexpected, traumatic event that affects employees’ feelings of personal safety, their ability to perform daily activities, and their ability to concentrate on normal job duties. Such events often create times of uncertainty and heightened stress for employees and managers. We’ll work with you in responding to traumatic events, minimizing the damage created by the ordeal and speeding the recovery process for both personnel and the organization.

Our trauma response program includes immediate phone consultation to advise management as well as critical incident stress debriefings (CISD) delivered onsite. CISDs are conducted by specially trained mental health professionals who help employees address the emotions provoked by the trauma and offer tools to increase resiliency.

EAP Consultants, LLC will recommend measures that your organization can implement to help employees recover from the trauma. We will assist managers in recognizing post-trauma symptoms and provide guidance on how to refer employees to the EAP. During and after the debriefing, our counselors will identify and refer those employees needing further counseling and assistance.

Whatever its nature, a traumatic incident may negatively affect employees and your organization’s productivity for sometime afterward. We can play an instrumental role in helping minimize this impact and disruption.