Here’s what client companies are saying about EAP Consultants, LLC

We are very happy with the excellent services EAP Consultants provides to our company and our employees. Our employees have expressed their appreciation of the services they received and the fact that everything was confidential. Very helpful when dealing with employment issues; they are always quick to respond to our needs. Another service they provide is monthly articles for employees and supervisors. These articles are interesting and based on relevant issues of the time.

Gary Szekely, Wagner & Sons

EAP Consultants, LLC has been our EAP provider for the past several years. I have been very pleased with their service. I know employees are utilizing their services from feedback I have received and I know they are satisfied. In addition, I have consulted them when I have had sensitive issues at work and have always received good advice and any assistance I have needed. They respond quickly to any request and they follow through on any personnel issues when we have to make sure they have been resolved.

Faith Miller, Director of Human Resources, Dalton State College

Paulding County is grateful for the opportunity to offer the EAP benefit to our employees.  This plan offers many types of assistance that otherwise may not be available.

Dianna L. House, HR Specialist, Paulding County

EAP Consultants, LLC provides our employees and their families with the support they need during challenging times in their lives.  The services provided by EAP Consultants, LLC are outstanding and the counselors are professional, caring and helpful.  We are thankful to be able to offer this valuable resource to our employees and their families.

Ann E. Schmitz, MLIR, SPHR, Total Compensation Manager, MidMichigan Health

Here’s what EAP participants are saying about EAP Consultants, LLC:

I found the EAP an excellent program and recommended it to all my coworkers with a crisis. The counselor was excellent, patient and very professional.  I’m 100% more productive at work.

So helpful.  We’re so grateful!  We wouldn’t have been able to afford to do it by ourselves.  Thank you.

This has been life changing already. I have a long way to go, but I am on the right track now because of EAP.

The delicate balance between professional life and personal life is very difficult to maintain.  An occasional visit with an EAP counselor has helped my wife and I maintain that balance and focus on the important aspects of our lives.

Being able to discuss issues helped me to better focus on my work. Very valuable service. I’m glad that we have such excellent help at my work.

I had a lot of stress that had built up over 1-2 yrs regarding work relations. I did not want to go to the office at all. But after seeing the counselor, it relieved a lot of stress and now I am able to go to the office much more positive. I don’t allow things to get me down so much. The counselor is awesome!! Anytime I have issues, I would request her again.

Each time I’ve used the services it has been excellent. The attorney’s called me back quickly and gave good advice.

You were very resourceful. I didn’t have a clue of what my child would do for the summer. Excellent response time. Also received telephone calls assuring following on services. Customer service rated excellent! Identified an excellent resourceful childcare service and my child really likes the place. You helped make my life easier! Thank you!

Today, I received the referrals from the EAP specialist for childcare. Due to the prompt service I was able to work to my full potential rather than be stressed about my child’s care.

Today I called the EAP specialist looking for advice regarding my elderly parents. The specialist was very helpful on the consultation and emailed me referrals within 30 minutes of the call…thanks so much!

This service is like “fresh air”. Just when you think of no more options, EAP comes and gladly proves you wrong. Thank you so much! Told several co-workers about your service.

It is a wonderful asset for the work force. There is a great need for eldercare and legal and probably other areas. It is nice to know you’re a call away.

Here’s what Supervisors and Managers are saying about EAP Consultants, Inc:

The EAP worked great. We all were able to work with the employees to help them on their issues to obtain a successful outcome.

Much thanks to the Management Consultant for guiding me through the process of linking an employee to an invaluable benefit that will hopefully develop long-term performance change and increased satisfaction with personal life. This is truly an amazing resource!

I am positively impressed with the improvement in our employee after referring him to the EAP. This is a good thing coming from an undesirable situation.

The employee that I referred has had a positive outlook since seeing his counselor and has not missed work since the referral.

The Management Consultant was very helpful in our urgent situation.  She got us an appointment for our employee right away and followed up with us afterwards.  Thank you for your assistance.

The Management Consultant worked with this organization in an exceptional manner.  She is knowledgeable, accommodating, and caring which had a tremendous effect on the successful outcome for our employee during his efforts for rehab assistance.

Consultant was professional, proficient and service oriented. Served as a great representative of the EAP.

My interactions with the Management Consultant were extremely positive.  He is very professional, patient and knowledgeable.  The service he provided exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making my job easier by the services you provide!