About Us


Established in 1989, EAP Consultants, LLC is one of the largest, privately held companies focused exclusively on the delivery of employee assistance programs, serving over 350 organizations nationwide.

Our mission is to optimize employee wellness and employer productivity by identifying and resolving tomorrow’s problems today. Our experience is that most personal and workplace problems can be resolved successfully through the variety of services we offer, resulting in enhanced employee productivity, morale and retention.

We offer a wide range of services that address virtually all of the emotional, personal and wellness needs of your employees resulting in greater productivity, higher morale and better health. Support is provided to managers and employers with on-site trainings, critical incident debriefings, organizational consultation and expert human resources consultation.

Our EAP utilization rates typically range from 10% to 15%, which greatly exceed the industry average and demonstrate the acceptance and effectiveness of our programs. The high usage is due to providing easy access, comprehensive services that effectively resolve client problems, extensive program promotion, hands-on account management, and maintenance of strict confidentiality.

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. In fact, no company has ever terminated our services because they were not satisfied with our performance or did not recognize the value of our programs. Our customer surveys indicate nearly 100% client and organizational satisfaction with our services. In our most recent survey…

  • 100% of our client companies rated our services as good or excellent
  • 98% of EAP participants rated our services as good or excellent
  • Over 60% of workers stated they became more effective on the job as a result of using our EAP

Now, see exactly what our client companies and participants are saying about EAP Consultants: References.